ZifiLink is an extremely user-friendly device which automatically detects and connects to networks. It can handle all types of cellular technologies such as 2.5G, 3G and 4G from any operator, Ethernet-over-USB (EoUSB) and Wi-Fi to aggregate bandwidth ZifiLink‘s system aggregates 3G or 4G links from eight dongles across networks to create a combined capacity that increases the reliability by a factor of eight.It is also a very easy product to use. Once the device is switched on, we wait for 30 seconds and then insert the dongles one by one.Then we use an ethernet cable or wifi hotspot and connect ZifiLink to the laptop. Then we open the browser and type to access the ZifiLink dashboard. Once the dashboard is on, and if all the dongles are green in color it means they are dialed and ready.  Now we open nperf.com and run a speed test.

That’s it! You are all set to browse the internet at super high speeds.

ZifiLink has some extraordinary features:-

It is an innovative product designed to address the limitations of bandwidth aggregation or lack. of it, faced by all users.
It is compact and easy to carry.
It is a cheaper alternative as compared to premium satellite-based solutions.
It comes with unparallel support.
It can handle 2G, 3G and 4G wireless broadband from multiple vendors.

Even if bad weather attenuates one signal, the combination of the rest will still give users sustainable Internet

High-speed connectivity with you at all times without compromising on mobility

It can automatically detect and connect to networks which translates to zero configuration.

Here we would like to share a case study

Zifilink helped in Rural India

A tuition center owner wanted to provide high-speed internet to his students. But since his center was located in Tier III city, broadband internet was not available.

He had access to BSNL, Jio, and Vodafone sim cards each of which had a data cap of 2 GB per day. He connected all three network providers to Zifilink and got an aggregated output of 20 Mbps in a location which does not have a basic broadband connection.

With Zifilink you can have access to High-Speed Internet anytime, anywhere. Contact us to know more.