The process of splitting internet traffic amongst 2 or more internet connections in order to attain the enhanced performance and increased reliability of connectivity is called

‘Internet Load Balancer’.

Generally, a pleasant side-effect of internet load balancing is cut down with its expense of the Internet connection service. The majority of scenarios result in internet connectivity achieved using proper internet load balancing methods that are cost effective compared to a single ISP link with same bandwidth capabilities. In many cases an ISP link is not available from just a single provider; therefore internet load balancing is the primary option to achieve the desired internet speed and reliability.

Earlier times the internet load balancing methods were restricted to load balancing where each individual session would be assigned to a single WAN link. This initial level aggregation works only to an extent, but due to its many shortcomings, it was replaced by modern internet load balancing techniques. Modern algorithms can effortlessly split the single session over 2 or more ISP links without lag. This eventually affects the end user experience to a large extent since a single Internet session or maybe a file transfer can now leverage all of the ISP links together and therefore the speed of the sum of the individual links. Hence, it is advisable to check if your Internet load balancing device has the

“broadband bonding”

technology in it that enables the packet level aggregation.

Lately, the modern load balancing routers are technologically advanced and provide great firewall features including quality of service, traffic monitoring and also the traffic shaping features. Long gone are those days when we needed separate devices to be installed for different features, now it is important to check if we have all these features pinned into the Internet load balancer.

In the end, make sure that your internet load balancer has an inclusion of high efficiency and low latency. The bottom line is that it all boils down to improving the end user experience and stabilizing the network reliability.

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