The universal landscape of any Indian town have roads in the outskirts, bridging into the rural areas. This is fertile for business owners who have many customers coming in to make a stop at a gas station with convenience store for a quick refill and a quicker transaction. For gas stations in India, connecting with the Internet has helped in managing existing assets, customer relationships, supply chains and creating new value in information.

Zifilink have partnered with HP to transform the humble gas pump into an Internet-connected “transaction station” and bring e-commerce to rural India. Imagine customers settling parking tickets, buying oil changes and, of course, paying for fuel at the pump station using a card or an app.

Here you can see the number of HP fuel stations spread across the country.

Technology has revolutionized the way people purchase, giving the much-needed power to the consumer. Zifilink is currently under pilot at two of HP’s gas station at prime locations. Zifilink, the internet aggregator will provide Cloud services and remote-access solutions, to help with Digital India initiative. Furthermore, it will create a smooth platform for the consumers. Using Zifilink at these two locations they have eliminated their dependency on costly VSAT communication for their connectivity needs and get access to 100x speed.

With this initiative, it will allow users to manage vehicle-related transactions and go cashless. To know more about Zifilink contact us at  or call on +91 959-011-4040. We look forward to serving you.