Zifilink 8-X

Aggregate Bandwidth up to 8 Different Networks
for Seamless High-Speed Internet Connection

About Zifilink

  • What is Zifilink?

    Innovative Product

    ZifiLink is an innovative product designed to address the limitations of bandwidth aggregation or lack of it, faced by all users.

    ZifiLink can be used by connecting multiple dongles of same or different ISPs with various technologies like 2G, 3G, and 4G to aggregate the speed of all networks to give you combined output which would be typically up to 8X.

  • Why Zifilink?

    Experience Quality

    Though ZifiLink was primarily designed to address the problems of live video streaming and narrow bandwidth, it can also be put to use in places where Internet connectivity itself is a challenge. It is an enabler via Internet connectivity. ZifiLink alternatively can be used in surveillance and also finds a place in all forms of streaming including data streaming in Industries like Media, Banking, Education, Transport, Police etc. .

  • How Zifilink Works?

    User Friendly

    ZifiLink is an internet bonding device which intercepts all packets, splits and routes them in available connections based on a patent-pending ZifiLink’s-intelligent algorithm. The packet chunks are assembled at our remote packet assembler service and routed to the destination, which ensures reliable data transmission.

    Generally, dongles need to be dialed before they are used (using a software from the provider), but ZifiLink automatically detects and dials the dongle. This is the Zero configuration feature which is really amazing. Takes away all the burden away from you.


Bonds bandwidth of up to 8 connections

 Handles 2G , 3G and 4G Wireless broadband from multiple vendors

 Compact size and easy to carry

 Automatically connects to network when a dongle is inserted

 WIFI Hot spot to use with Tablets and Mobile phones

 Supports bonding LAN along with USB modems 2G,3G,4G networks

 Ethernet/LAN port to connect with encoder

Simple dashboard interface monitor connections

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Product Description

  • General Specifications

    • Dimension 205mm x 120mm x 70mm
    • Weight 800g
    • Operating temp. 5°C ~ 45°C
    • Power supply DC 12V ⎓ 3A
    • Supported Networks 4G (LTE)
    • 3G (HSPA+, HSUPA, HSDPA)
    • 2.5G (CDMA, EVDO)
    • WAN via Ethernet-over-USB (EoUSB)

  • Key Features

    • Zero configuration – automatically detect the ISP and connect to the cellular network.
    • Auto update when a new cellular network launches.
    • Monitored and controlled through tablets, smartphones, and laptops over Wi-Fi or LAN.

  • Bonding Interface

    • Upto 8 USB dongles (2.5G, 3G, 4G)
    • Upto 1 LAN Ethernet-over-USB (EoUSB)

  • Network Interface

    • Wi-Fi hotspot
    • LAN

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