Fast internet has now become one of the basic necessities of life. Be it the office or the home, everyone requires smooth and rapid internet speed, without any technical glitches. People try different tactics to speed up their internet speed, like placing the router in strategic locations. The best way to ensure high-speed internet is through bonding internet connections. In simple terms, a bonding connection can be defined as the aggregation of multiple internet connections to create a single stable and robust internet connection. This is usually done with the help of a bonding device which aggregates links from several dongles for a single internet connection.

A broadband bonding router basically splits the web traffic into different internet connections. For instance, Zifilink’s internet bonding device aggregates 3G and 4G links from eight dongles across networks to create a combined capacity that increases the reliability factor by eight. This is a great failover option as even if one network fails, the ultimate internet connection continues to work seamlessly due to the remaining connected networks. Requiring zero-configuration, a link aggregation router will automatically detect available networks to provide smooth and high-speed internet at all times.

What are the benefits of bonding internet connections?

Internet bonding is the ultimate solution to everyone’s slow internet woes. Providing high-speed internet in both homes and offices, bonding internet connections can provide a much-needed boost to generic Wi-Fi. With a broadband bonding router, users can easily overcome the issues related to bandwidth usage. Some of the benefits of internet bonding devices include:

Overcoming slow internet connections

One of the primary benefits of link aggregation routers is to overcome slow broadband issues. Depending upon external factors like weather conditions and technical issues, a single broadband connection may cause issues and be slow. On the other hand, an internet bonding device will collate several internet connections to ensure high-speed connectivity. As a result, even if one connection goes down, the other connections will continue working to provide a smooth internet connectivity. Thus, with the help of bonding internet connections, you can avoid wastage of time due to unnecessary buffering.


The need for high-speed, affordable internet connectivity solutions is rapidly rising. Demands for high speed, high-quality streaming and live on location broadcasting requires expensive bandwidths. Despite spending huge amounts of money on bandwidths, the result might still be unstable connections. This is where a broadband bonding router can help. These routers are affordable solutions as compared to singular internet connections. In-house internet connections also run the risk of being exposed to bad weather and going down. In the case of internet bonding devices, even if one network goes down, the remaining will continue operating seamlessly.


Internet connection is not only confined to home and office spaces. Nowadays, a strong internet connectivity is also required in external spaces due to outside events. This is where internet bonding devices can help. Bonding devices are created to be small and compact so that they can be used anywhere and everywhere. These lightweight devices are a versatile option when it comes to on-field internet requirements and broadcasting for outside events. In addition, seamless set-up and integration helps in reducing wastage of time in connecting the device during events.


Probably the biggest advantage of a link aggregation router is the reliability of the internet connection. At the end of the day, users just want internet connectivity which is strong and dependable, especially during large-scale and important events. A single internet connection may fail if there is too much load or if the weather is bad. On the other hand, a broadband bonding router uses the power of several networks to provide a single, robust internet connection, Hence, even if one network fails, the remaining will keep working to provide a strong connection.

Bonding internet connections are a new-gen technology which has huge usability in both home and office spaces. If you are looking for a rapid yet cost-efficient internet connection option, then Zifilink’s internet bonding device is the best solution for you. Know more.