Watchy Technology Private limited was covered in CNBC TV18 show on India’s investor and start up accelerators community, on April 13th. That episode focussed on India’s most popular startup accelerator The Morpheus. As the Founder of Morpheus gang company Watchy  a brief interview of mine was also aired.

You can watch the whole episode on Money control. To see Watchy’s coverage and my interview, click on the part2 link.

My interview and Plivo‘s co-founder Venky’s interview was recorded during a monthly Morpheus gang meetup at our Watchy office in Bangalore. That was a fun filled evening and everybody including the CNBC crew thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Don’t miss the part where Morpheus founders Sameer and Nandini, talk about their Mad house experience and What inspired them to start Morpheus. The episode also featured Morpheus core team members and few other gang companies. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and wanting to join Morpheus, This video will be an excellent intro to Morpheus gang’s philosophy and its members.