Cellular bonding has caught great attention in the recent times, gaining popularity in various platforms like TV news channels, smaller commercials, the regional broadcasters, live reporting events and of course breaking news…all by using cellular bonding solutions.

The competition between TV channels has taken a toll on network providers due to the rising demand of faster and reliable news and entertainment to be rendered to its viewers. The use of multiple devices urges the broadcasters to have more reliable, portable, cost-effective video uplink solutions. When it comes to networks, the mobile network connection capabilities have evolved from 3G to 4G and even beyond, with 5G on the verge of being launched anytime soon. The demand for a high-speed data connection with high-quality video streaming services in the recent times has seen an inclined need for faster broadband and bonded internet.

Cellular bonding solutions enable the transmission of desired high-quality video through cellular technology. The Bonded Internet combines multiple cellular connections and wireless networks, like the 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and the Wi-Fi to obtain a standard reliable and robust video uplink capability for transmitting HD video. Many broadcasters and online video professionals can easily report live via any location with this field-proven method effortlessly. The ability to connect different crews with their respective stations using a low-cost cellular, Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection has made live video streaming more accessible and cost effective for TV broadcasters.

Over the recent times, the new developments in this field of cellular bonding solutions have created reliable and good quality cellular LiveShot equipment, which will further improve the speed of sharing flash news from the field to the studio.

The greatest appeal of bonded internet is the cost effective reach that it provides to ENG crews, along with cellular coverage that is otherwise limited to urban areas. The use of bonded internet cell connection via Ethernet or Wi-Fi enables the crew to send live shots from highly remote localities. The best medium to opt for in this case could be Zifilink, for its much reliable internet bonding and internet aggregation capabilities.