As we are enthralled by the various options provided by the Internet, we have realized that it is a necessity for everyone. Security surveillance has emerged as another need in today’s world. Surveillance can now be offered as a service that is managed remotely, relieving valuable capital and human resources that no longer need to be on site to monitor.

The proliferation and advent of cloud technology and Internet-based service providers has created an easier, cheaper furthermore more effective common communications and information platform. Internet in surveillance always works wonders in situational circumstances.

Say for example when a police officer needs the help of GPS during a high-speed car chase or in the face of adversities, witnessing a disaster and requiring back up or advice from higher authorities. And since the situations we are talking about requires mobility and strong internet connectivity, police officers need something which is capable as well as reliable.

Tamilnadu Police have recently collaborated with Zifilink to provide high-speed internet to the patrolling vans.  With these upgrade, now the police officers will be much more adequate in their decision making. They would be more aware of the situation prior to their arrival at the scene; hence they would remain prepared for any precedence.

The camera in the vehicle will give access to real-time video streaming for the control room to make sound decisions. This real-time video streaming will enhance the efficiency of communication and callous calls will be easily avoided. It will also help the control room to put tabs on their men. Hence, justice is inevitable now as the whole world would be watching.

The synergy between Zifilink and Tamilnadu police will add up to be the fighting force against the villains in the neighborhood and to serve the society. The benefit of the alliance will be solely enjoyed by the community as the authority will be much more vigilant towards eradicating crimes from the streets.

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