It’s frustrating dealing with the slow Internet, a poor connection can make your life miserable and wailing is the only option left for you while you wait for the website to load. It’s high time that you either get hold of your patience or figure your way out of why your Internet connection is slow. There are numbers of reasons for your slow internet connection. Here are some of the most routine factors that are slowing you’re browsing and download speed.

Age-old Hardware: The memory dumped by your old processor or ram may be draining your computer’s potential to generate extra memory for internet usage.

Separation: The path, capacity of the website and the net speed determine the speed of your network, which you experience.

Interference: Obstruction caused by a wall (partition) can be a major disturbance and cause unbearable slowdowns. Walls made up of steel rods, reflected surface and studs thus acumen considerable deceleration in the net speed.

Trending: Heavy traffic on a particular website, for example, shopping sites with an irresistible sale can result in slow loading because of overloading.

Viruses: Unnecessary junk and viruses can result in lack of processing power. These viruses and malware running in the background can deplete network speed.

Operating System: Sometimes the operating system needs upgrade and default in it can lead to a slow connection.

The only options left for you is either address the issue or take the hint of the universe and go play outside for the time being. Here are some options to optimize, fix, and troubleshoot to survive the severe condition of slow internet.

Are you sure that you are getting what you have paid for? Maybe you are getting a slow connection because you opted for it.

Once you get the above possibility out of your system, resetting the hardware should be your baby step.

After monitoring the hardware if the problem still persists then turning the bandwidth off to check for program hogging the connection might help. Apps and plug-in sometimes can run in the background and drain the speed of the internet connection.

Optimizing the web, changing DSN, seeking the help of internet service provider and if nothing works, then changing your Internet provider is the safest bet.

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