On an average, an Indian middle-class marriage budget is around 19 lakhs. And is climbing upwards. Not long back people used to invite more than 1000 guests for the marriages. The number is coming down by increasing the cost and inflation.In many urban marriages less number of people are invited. Inviting guests from distant cities also adds up to the travel and accommodation costs.

Not that this trend is leading to a time where the only handful of the guest are invited. Indian marriage will always retain its tradition of inviting guests from far and wide. But it might no be as big as previous years.

The flip side of this is that, with increasing number of nuclear family and increasing trend of people moving to urban areas, the guests that you really want to share the moment are often too far to attend.

That’s where the technology can help us. Wedding live streaming broadcasts the wedding event over the internet so that any guest around the world can watch it. It is already a popular trend in Metro cities and is catching up in other parts of India as well. Many big and small companies have mushroomed, providing wedding live streaming services. It is very important to choose a reliable provider who streams high-quality video even from remote places. Live streaming is technologically challenging in many places in India because of the poor internet infrastructure and needs an expert team handling it. Afterall Marriage is once in lifetime event.

Yes, now you can go and invite everybody and say “See my marriage” on the Internet.