The role of IoT is manifold. IoT applications can be seen across industries, verticals, and sectors. Be it the retail sector, manufacturing industry, or eCommerce, IoT can be seen everywhere. An important industry where IoT has had a positive impact is the education industry. Education is one of the most important sectors. With IoT, this vertical has advanced in leaps and bounds. The role of IoT application in education is immense. With IoT, a larger percentage of students can obtain access to and complete their education. IoT-enabled educational facilities have helped the knowledge sector become more accessible, informative, and transparent. Some of the most important uses of IoT in education include:

Learning Anytime, Anywhere


One of the primary benefits of an IoT device is that it promotes learning across geographical barriers. IoT-connected objects make use of internet connectivity and smart technology to reach students, even at the most remote locations. A major reason for illiteracy is the potential difficulty in reaching educational institutions. With IoT, people living in such remote places can be easily reached via internet connectivity. This helps in overcoming location-related barriers to education. In addition, by facilitating remote learning, IoT brings down the cost of imparting education, due to the absence of any need for educational infrastructure like classrooms, boards, books, etc.

Smart Classrooms

Over the last few years, we have already noticed a great increase in the number of smart classrooms. In the future, the usage of smart classrooms will increase and completely replace traditional classrooms and learning. When it comes to smart classrooms, we have already seen how IoT-powered whiteboards have replaced blackboards, ensuring a more interactive and engaging learning experience for students. With increasing IoT application in education, we will gradually observe more effective developments. For instance, virtual reality wearables can be used to ensure the knowledge matter is imparted in a realistic manner. Such smart wearables can also notify teachers when the student has reached a saturation point, thereby avoiding overexertion for the student.


The importance of security has risen in the education sector. In 2019 alone, there were 434 mass shootings at schools in the USA. Educational institutions today are equipped with 24/7 CCTV surveillance and security. With the help of an IoT device, schools and other educational institutions can beef up their security. Most schools and colleges are turning towards IoT-enabled cameras to meet their security needs. Such smart cameras can identify any trespassers and immediately send an alert to local law enforcement groups, thereby safeguarding life and property. Additionally, smart cameras also come with a database where student and faculty pictures can be stored. With the help of face-recognition software, these IoT cameras can ensure that only verified people are gaining access to the school or college.

Attendance Monitoring System   

A vast amount of time is wasted in taking the attendance of students in educational institutions. Faculty members are required to take attendance after every class. This results in a huge waste of time, which could have been used for more valuable activities. With IoT application in education, the entire attendance monitoring system can be transformed. Smart wearables can help students in tracking their attendance. These IoT-enabled devices can track students when they are in the classroom, marking them present. The attendance can then be automatically updated in an attendance roster. In addition, in case the student is absent from the class, a notification can be sent to the parents, updating them with the information. This helps in guaranteeing the safety of the students at all times.

IoT in education has transformed the traditional ways of learning. IoT-enabled devices can simplify the learning process and make it accessible for all. Zifilink internet-bonding devices can help by providing robust and reliable internet connectivity at all times, despite weather or geographical issues. By using the Zifilink device, educational institutions can provide smooth and uninterrupted learning to students. Get in touch with us to know more.