We had recently conducted a meet-up on Robot Framework at our Watchy office.

Every company has its core philosophy, no matter what product they build or service they provide its reflected in it. Here in Watchy, everyone buys the philosophy of automation. Bond007 being an embedded device, which provides a solution for high internet speed, test automation was a necessity. Our box has to run 24×7 with various combinations of dongles plugged in. Various factors considered like bandwidth varies with respect to time of the day.

While hunting for an automation framework, we came across the Robot framework. The requirement was simple, test cases were written has to be in a simple natural language, robot framework exactly satisfied it. Test cases written in simple English and implementation is done in python. As we started exploring we found robot framework an exact fit. So we have decided to share what we know about this RF to others.

This meetup was much of a knowledge sharing session, it was pretty much informal. It started with an introduction, then a demo and finally feedback. The best part of conducting such informal meetups is that people give genuine feedback of our session.

One of the attendees, Ramakrishna from Prysm Technology found Robot framework interesting and he even plans to use if for his projects.