They say men are from Mars women are for Venus but computers are from hell, if not working at the right time surely open the door of hell on earth. Have you ever found yourself in a tough situation where you left your kid home, alone, and he has a surprise math test the following day? You are concerned whether he is studying or not but you can’t do anything as you are out of town. Well, you can have faith in your kid or be the smart parent your kid needs. With router remote management you can check your kid’s activity and the devices your kid is using. Trust me it’s efficient when you need him/her to do his study and he ends up playing games on his mobile or computer. It is also convenient to figure out who is there at your place at that time if you are sharing your space with someone. Or you could track the freeloaders hacking into your Wi-Fi and using it without your permission. If your router connects an external drive then with the help of router remote management you can access all the content of the external drive all around the world. But the best part about all this convenience is that you don’t have to be present at your place or near to your device or workstation.

You have software and application to do the same work but there is a significant advantage of using a router remote management. Say suppose you are using team-viewer you have to keep the remote host active (keep your computer on) entirely. But in the case of router remote management, you just need to keep your router active; well it always remains active isn’t it? Another benefit of using a router is that you don’t have to rely on external software thus saving hassle and space.

It could be easily understood how it operates. Let’s take the example of a typical Home network which is connecting different devices to the internet with the help of the router. Any device connected to the internet receives an IP address; here your public IP address will be assigned to your router. The router then will assign the local IP address to each of the devices connected to it. With the help of router remote management, you can easily access both the router and the internet. To do that you have to manually override the settings as in most cases the router remote management setting remains off. Or the public IP address used by the router will have dynamic DSN, which means every time the router gets rebooted it will generate a new public IP address.

With Zifilink router remote management one can easily access both the router and the internet separately. The best part is that you could be far off to a different corner of the world and can still manage the entire thing on your smartphone. Zifilink with its service is rising whirl of change and ain’t that cool?