Most of the Multiple sim card routers are built on industry-grade M2M 4G routers to offer the loyal customers with the ultimate remote connectivity along with the 4G M2M solution.

The multi sim card router comes with the single embedded 4G module, Zifilink multi sim card router, an aggregator that provides high speed 4G mobile broadband connection. Zifilink also uses 2G and 3G in case the higher speed is limited or unavailable. The thought behind the sim card router is an uninterrupted source of network connection or network connectivity. Zifilink aggregator also has sim slots to insert sim of various types of network such as 2G, 3G, 4G in the case of unavailability of primary network service of 3G/4G which the router can use in the situation of crisis.  In case of a failover one can easily switch to the second choice of the network this will work as an additional connectivity redundancy.

Multiple sim card router is meant for internet and other solution connectivity solution, at times of failure it has a failover functionality that enables the normal 3G/4G to stay alive in case of emergency and the remote management options such as cell ICMP/ ping reboot along with SMS status and SMS reboot in case you are far away from the device in need it to reboot for someone else who don’t have the necessary means to keep the router connected. This gives you total lividity over the device and keeps a track of it personally.

The main reason for having a multiple sim card router is to have uninterrupted Wifi and LAN Connectivity. Zifilink is the best you can rely on as Zifilink aggregator 4 X Ethernet port that is at first configured as LAN port can be easily coveted into WAN port at your convenience. High-speed internet is the need of the hour and Zifilink aggregator steps up to the challenge. The antennas help you connect your device to the range it gives you the versatility spectrum for other decisions that need to be connected. India though having many sources of power still have the immense issue of power failure and power shortage, every power surcharge and low voltage multiple sim card routers have DC (direct current) power connectors block with dual power connectivity that helps you in case of, problems mentioned above.