We all understand that multi wan routing device is a kind of device that supports two or more Broadband connection such as ADSL, Cable, Fiber etc. The broadband connection in this routing device is connected to dedicated load-balancing routers. The broadband connection is then optically managed across the WAN connection using WAN port and Internet traffic.

Offices needing reliable and fast internet service, must use bandwidth service, so that working professional can transfer large files without any hassle. Load balancing router do not clog up a network and allocate bandwidth down to a single WAN connection. This helps you free the rest of the WAN port for other uses.

WAN bounding router do not bind multiple Internet connections together, like bonded broadband. Bonded broadband is only useful during slow connections as connecting two 2Mbps lines will not give you 4Mbps speed.

For example, two different users simultaneously trying to view 2Mbps video feed can’t be supported on a single 3Mbps ADSL connection. But a Multi WAN routing device can connect two 3Mbps ADSL connections, where one of the 2Mbps video feeds would be routed along one of the ADSL connections. This will help the other 2Mbps video feed to be carried by the other ADSL connection.

Multi WAN routing device which is available in the market offer basic fail-over/fail-back capabilities. So, if you are a businessman operating a huge business or a broadband user who is more concerned about the reliability of your Internet connections, you can adjoin multiple connections with the help of WAN bounding router.

Limitation of WAN bounding router as we have discussed above, it is important for us to understand that such routing devices simply allows traffic to be carried out in one of the two connections. But the benefit of this device is enormous, it brings significant benefit for businesses of different magnitude by providing high-quality broadband speed and best reliable service. This is more affordable than other routing devices.

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