At times you may be struck at a place with no Internet service or WI-FI the only thing that you are connected with the outside world is your cellular device. In this crucial stage, you need to access the internet on your laptop to write down an impossible idea that came to your mind for the blog. What will you do? You would look for a consistent and unrelenting source of reliable internet access. And if you have opted for high-speed internet you can make your cellular device mobile cellular router for the best solution for staying connected to the internet.

Those who are not familiar with the term router, let me explain it to you briefly. A router serves as a central point between the local area network (LAN) and the wide area network (WAN). This arrangement is also known as the internet. Most of the time, routers are connected to a cable or DSL modem for the WAN or Internet uplink. This mobile cellular router creates a local WI-FI and wired Ethernet network for all the local devices in a home or office environment to connect and share this upstream internet connection while maintaining the local network. A smartphone creating a “personal hotspot” is doing the same thing. The smartphone is acting as a mobile cellular router and sharing its cellular WAN i.e. internet connection with other nearby devices.

You might have the question in mind why would you need mobile cellular router type of configuration when you can easily share the cellular Internet connection using mobile hotspot, as an alternative option. As this facility (cellular internet connection) is all most available in all of the devices and smartphones. Some due to poor ISP service resulting in bad broadband connection one switches to 4G LTE connection. The 4G connection is much faster and reliable than the broadband connection. It will also work wonders in peer to peer networking configuration. The mobile cellular router will help all the devices such as PCs to be connected to 4G connection and not with the LAN.

Mobility is the biggest challenge we face when it comes to accessing the internet. We are always on the go and always need to stay connected. Life without internet is life without water. The essentiality has made it impossible for us to move an inch without internet. Sometimes it is insecure to use a public access WI-FI network, the one in café or public library. Better have your own mobile cellular router and stay connected.

If you find yourself in a remote area without any viable broadband connection (internet service) and to avoid slow internet connection through a modem and ordinary telephone lines the best option is to switch to your mobile cellular router.

Sometimes it is important to have a backup option, the security it provides as a backup internet service is commendable. Uninterrupted access to the internet is much more reliable when working on something important. With Zifilink one can forget the worries of internet access while traveling.