Indian marriages are always known for their rich traditions, colors and grandeur. Infact, many parents spend their lifetime savings on their kid’s marriage. For some, it is a day to show off their wealth and status. Single most important day in many people’s lives. Most of the marriages follow traditions that are hundred’s of years old, but that doesn’t stop our younger generation from adopting modernity into it. Automatic perfume sprayers, Popcorn vending machines, Buffet meals, crane cameras and kids play area are the common sight in most marriages. Latest addition to this trend is Live streaming.

The easiest way to share your memorable moments in real time with others is through live video. Live streaming or webcasting is the technology that enables you to share live video. It is the same experience as watching cricket match live, sitting at home. Now replace cricket with marriage. The best part is that with the emergence of latest high speed wireless technologies, it has become affordable for common people.ZifiLink provides the router with multiple wan ports through which videographer can get high-speed internet anywhere.Nowadays, you can do live streaming from various ways.

So don’t be surprised when you see “view my marriage at” type message printed on the marriage invitations.

Again not everybody needs live streaming. Here is the typical reason why people live stream their marriages.

  1. A close relative/friend staying abroad is not able to attend the marriage.
  2. Your Family elder is too old or sick to travel.
  3. Busy Muhurtham day and you know that your friends and relatives will be attending more than one marriage.
  4. You are tech-savy.

The simplest way to live stream your marriage is to ask your videographer to live stream. He/she most probably will have tie up with some professional live streaming service providers and may hire them. Or a quick Google search shall list down such service providers. But make sure you check the following point before you or your videographer hires their service.

What should you look for when hiring a live streaming service?

  1. Video should play on multiple devices like laptops, tablets, mobile phones (Apple, android etc)
  2. The minimum video quality of 512kbps or 320p is desirable.
  3. Most of the Live streaming or broadcast service providers will provide a free webpage to show live video. Some give plugins to embed the video in your custom marriage website.
  4. Support for the audience is a must. You don’t want your aunt to call you asking “where to type this URL?”
  5. VOD (video on demand). That is, how long the video can be viewed online after the event.
  6. If you are worried about privacy, ask for password protected webpage.
  7. Finally, don’t make a choice purely based on price. Remember quality comes with a price.

It is better to ask for a demo before you hire a live streaming service, especially if they are not a big brand. And the requirement of best live streaming videographer requires great picture as well as sound quality and to fulfill that requirement videographer requires good internet connectivity. Often a demo from office will look better than what you get in the marriage hall. A typical live streaming will cost you from ₹1000/- to ₹3000/- per hour, based on the features and quality. And if you are live streaming for more than 4 hours or so, don’t forget to ask for a discount.