Doing live streaming with the limited bandwidth it is itself a big challenge. ZifiLink resolves this problem by using bandwidth aggregation solution. It maximizes your bandwidth capacity and provides quality videos without a buffer.

Video has become a ‘first class’ data citizen. No matter the industry, the audience or the application, a video has become a truly global medium — capable of dramatically increasing human understanding.

Live video streaming applications are expanding by the day. Live video used to simply mean “live TV” like sports, news or concerts. Now, live video has moved into new and exciting contexts with much more on the way. Live video is rapidly growing across enterprise activities like education, marketing and town halls. And with emerging applications like telemedicine, drone footage, and body cams — live enterprise video is just getting started.

What are the types of equipment required for High Definition Live Video Streaming?

UStreamUStream provides cloud-based live video streaming services to enterprises and broadcasters for everything from corporate keynotes to live music concerts. The company streams live and on-demand video to about 80 million viewers per month for customers such as NASA, Samsung, Facebook, Nike and The Discovery Channel.

Matrox:  Matrox Monarch is a powerful, versatile video encoder with the high quality H.264 encoding engine. Its flexible solution integrates seamlessly into any SD and HD installation.Monarch HDX can tackle any job, from streaming to two different locations to recording an intermediary quality document while all the recording expert quality rendition for post-occasion altering, to utilizing one encoder for streaming while alternate records at the higher quality for VOD downloads.

ZifiLink: ZifiLink is a portable multicellular router. And link aggregation technology enables ZifiLink to provide high-speed internet by aggregating bandwidth up to 8 different networks.

The above video explains how ZifiLink and Matrox are working together to publish the live content to UStream.