IoT has taken the world by storm! Be it your home or the business world, we just cannot function without IoT making our lives easier. With the rising demand for IoT devices, corporates are coming up with new and unique products. These smart devices use automation to encourage interaction between devices which ultimately helps in increasing efficiency and in saving time. With innumerable IoT devices in the market, it can get confusing to select the most reliable and helpful. Here we have presented a list of our top 5 picks amongst IoT devices, based on their usefulness.

1.Amazon Echo Voice Controller 

Amazon Echo Voice Controller


One of the most popular IoT devices in the market is the Amazon Echo Voice Controller. This device requires no introduction. This product uses IoT technology to perform myriad functions like call people, set reminders, play songs, provide information, answer questions and more. By connecting with Alexa Voice Service, this device can perform all the necessary functions required by you. In addition to this, Amazon Echo Voice Controller can also connect with other smart home devices and manage the same, for example, switch on lights, switch off the microwave, close curtains, etc.

2.Zifilink Internet Bonding Device 


The second in our list of IoT devices is the Zifilink Internet Bonding Device. This device aggregates 3G or 4G links from eight dongles across networks to create a combined capacity that increases the reliability of the internet connection eight times. Zifilink helps users by combating the limitations of bandwidth aggregation faced by users. This IoT device is extremely suitable for big events as it provides high-speed connectivity at all times. In addition, the Zifilink device is unaffected by bad weather, requires zero configuration and does not compromise on mobility. The best part of Zifilink is that it is much cheaper than premium satellite-based solutions.

3. Philips Hue & Hue Tap 

Philips Hue & Hue Tap


Philips Hue and Hue Tap are a couple of extremely innovative IoT devices. The Philips Hue is an IoT device that consists of a group of LED light bulbs. It allows users to control the lighting of their house and office through mobile devices connected via a Wi-Fi bridge. The Philips Hue Tap is an add-on to the Philips Hue device. This device uses IoT technology to adjust the lights using kinetic energy. This product is operated without any batteries or mains power. All it requires is a few taps of your finger. This kinetic-enabled product is a useful smart home tool via which you can adjust all the lighting in your house without getting up!

4. August Doorbell Cam 

August Doorbell Cam


Amongst the top IoT devices, the August Doorbell Cam is a great one for people who spend large amounts of time away from home. This product uses IoT technology to allow users to answer their door from anywhere, even in remote locations. This innovative product has the ability to give users a complete view of people at their doorstep, along with any motion changes. This IoT device provides several advantages like continuous monitoring of your doorstep, 24 hours of video replay and full-colour HD at night. The August Doorbell Cam is a must-have to ensure the security of your homes at all times.

5. Foobot Air Quality Monitor 

Foobot Air Quality Monitor


Pollution has become a major health hazard today. If you reside in a big city, chances are that you are daily exposed to the harmful effects of air pollution. The Foobot Air Quality Monitor is an amazing IoT device that can measure indoor pollution as well as improve air quality. This product can be used in your home, office or any indoor public space. Foobot Air Quality Monitor uses IoT technology to measure the level of pollution, purify the air and keep the temperature and humidity in check.

The objective of IoT is to make your life simpler than before, which is achieved with the help of smart home and office devices. While there are several IoT devices that are extremely effective, the above 5 made our list due to the premium service offered to the users.

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