ZifiLink is an internet bonding router which gives high-speed internet, especially where signals are weak or when you require it for a live video streaming. Watchy ZifiLink is a lightweight, portable, easy to carry cellular bonding device. ZifiLink can aggregate bandwidth up to 8 different cellular networks. It has two version 3x and 8X.

In 3X bandwidth aggregation done up to 3 internet connection and in 8X bandwidth aggregation will happen up to 8 different connections. It supports all the networks like 2G,3G,4G, and LTE.

ZifiLink is designed especially for those organization who are looking for robust, scalable, reliable, easy to use features to get high-speed internet. With tight integration of software and hardware, we give flexibility to the network connection to switch from one to another in the case of failure of any link of internet connection.

ZifiLink gives solution for those who are suffering in their business due to lack of communication.


Aggregation of uplinks and downlinks (Bonding multiple cellular networks or dongles)

The first and the foremost benefit to customers is that ZifiLink aggregates the uplink and downlink bandwidths of multiple cellular networks to provide a combined bandwidth of them all.

In a scenario where 2G is better or 3G is better or just 4G is available, ZifiLink will not just adapt to the available capacity for each cellular network, but also combine the available capacities and lets you reap the benefit of the best possible aggregation.

Aggregation or bonding happens in both ways – uplink and downlink and provides fast connections in both ways.


Support for 2G, 3G, 4G connections for internet bonding

ZifiLink can latch onto whatever signal is available on a dongle/ cellular network – it could be 2G, 3G or 4G. The best part being its ability to bond the available networks.


Support for a wide array of dongles/ data cards/ cellular networks

ZifiLink supports a wide array of dongles so that plug and play are what a customer gets. In case a dongle is not supported, adding support is really easy. Watchy support team will guide you to get your job done.

ZifiLink also has a set of supported open dongles which makes it, even more, easier for you to get up and running without the hassle of scrambling to get the dongles supported.


Supports dongles/ data cards/ cellular networks from different ISPs (Internet Service Providers)

Typical scenarios exist in different areas – some network providers work best in one place, but others may not. The providers could be one or more of a combination of Airtel, Tata Docomo, Reliance Jio, BSNL, Idea, Aircel, Vodafone, etc,.

ZifiLink supports plugging in of any combination of the providers listed above and it all works seamlessly. There is absolutely no hassle to customers because SpeedLink takes care of automatically setting up all network connections and bonding them together.


Two different variants/ models

ZifiLink comes in two different variants – support for 3 or 8 cellular networks. The 3 dongles/ data cards variant supports up to 3 different dongles/ cellular networks while the 8 dongles variant supports up to 8 different dongles/ cellular networks.


Zero configuration

ZifiLink does not require any configuration. Just power up the device, look for the ZifiLink dashboard URL printed on the box – if you are connected via LAN, or if you are connected via WiFi. All the plugged in dongles show up in the dashboard.

The dongles that are plugged in are automatically detected, dialed to the respective ISP and ready for data transfers (upload and download of data, audio, video).


Multiple interfaces to connect to ZifiLink

Customers have the freedom to connect to ZifiLink via:


 ZifiLink broadcasts an SSID using which desktops, laptops or mobile phones can easily get connected. It supports 802.11 b/g/n and it is really easy to locate the steps required to connect – printed on the device itself.


ZifiLink allows multiple desktops or laptops to connect via a switch . And each of the connected systems get a DHCP IP and makes it a breeze to connect to the Internet. It has a 1GbE connection that makes the LAN setup possible.

ZifiLink is a router except that it comes with a really simple dashboard, unlike a router.

Customers can be connected via LAN and WiFi at the same time too.


Automatic failover and Load balancing


The technology in ZifiLink takes care of automatic failover which means that if a link fails, it is detected automatically and any outstanding data is immediately retransmitted on the other available links. After this, the failed link is taken out of the available data communication paths. And if a failed link comes online, it is automatically added back to the available set of communication paths.

Automatic load balancing 

In case 3 or 8 dongles are plugged into ZifiLink and the data transmission is lesser than the available bandwidth. Then not every data path is loaded fully or utilized fully. As the data consumption increases, the load on the data paths increase. This provides automatic load balancing or scaling.

Also, dongles can be inserted or removed at runtime which again allows for automatic addition or deletion of data transmission paths. ZifiLink will automatically detect and include/ exclude data transmission paths.


Local support in India

One of the key things for customers is what happens when something requires support? ZifiLink comes with support that is available in India –  over the phone or over email. Customers have a peace of mind that our team is available when required and the support process is streamlined to provide you help.

On the ZifiLink dashboard, you can see the support phone number and email ID on the top right corner as shown below.



ZifiLink provides the option for customers to send troubleshooting logs. So that support team get a good sense of the problem condition. Generating troubleshooting logs is really easy and available from the ZifiLink dashboard.


OTA (On The Air) updates to the software

When you choose ZifiLink, it comes with regular updates that make it better as time progresses. Customers do not get tied to a particular version and updating the ZifiLink software makes it better for you which can be initiated from the dashboard.


Raw power/ Battery power (ZifiLink as a portable device)

ZifiLink can power up using raw power via the packaged AC-to-DC adapter or via a recommended battery. Battery power can come in really handy when power connection is a challenge. This makes it a portable device – install anywhere or take it along with you in a vehicle.

ZifiLink 3x and 8x provides customers with so multitude benefits that it becomes a very compelling product. ZifiLink solves multiple needs – Live web streaming from being stationed in one place or you are on the move or in places where signal availability is a challenge. It is a portable Internet connection is powered using a battery and get connectivity anywhere. This opens up a world of opportunities and ZifiLink will be your partner in solving challenges that you are facing.

Here is a snapshot of how the ZifiLink dashboard looks like. And it shows that dongles from Airtel and Tata Docomo are plugged in and also shows the dashboard URL: