Often, when multiple options are available, making a decision becomes really difficult that which is the best internet connection for video streaming. This article helps you to understand the features available across a

Single cellular network connection Vs ZifiLink 3x (3 dongle version) Vs ZifiLink 8x (8 dongle version) for high-speed Internet

All the options listed below help you to get portable high-speed Internet connectivity but using the table below, you can make a suitable decision for your requirement  

Feature,Single dongle/ data card,ZifiLink 3x, ZifiLink 8x
Bandwidth uplink/ downlink aggregation/ bonding,No,Yes\, upto 3 links,Yes\, upto 8 links
Failover,No,Yes\, automatic and seamless,Yes\, automatic and seamless
Load balancing,No,Yes\,automatic and seamless,Yes\, automatic and seamless
Supports multiple dongles,No,Yes,Yes
Supports more than 3 dongles,No,No,Yes
Reliable Network for Live Streaming,Depends upon ISP provider(Because it supports only one network which may not be available anywhere anytime),Good (user can use 3 different cellular network for internet bonding),Best (User can use up to 8 different network for bandwidth aggregation)
Range of resilience to link failures,None,Good,Best
Plug and play,Maybe( – requires software installation by the ISP),Yes\, automatic and seamless,Yes\, automatic and seamless
Zero configuration,Maybe ( – requires software installation by the ISP and post-installation configuration),Yes\, automatic and seamless,Yes\, automatic and seamless
Latch onto available signal (2G\, 3G\, 4G),Yes\, depends on the dongle and the connection,Yes\, automatic and seamless,Yes\, automatic and seamless
Requires cloud server as a pair to the device,No (direct connection),Yes,Yes
Connect via LAN,No,Yes,Yes
Connect via Wifi,Maybe (depends on the dongle),Yes,Yes
Supports multiple users,Maybe (depends on the dongle),Yes,Yes
Battery power,Maybe (if plugged in into a laptop),Yes,Yes

 ZifiLink Internet bonding device provides with so multitude benefits that it becomes a very compelling product that solves multiple needs like Live web streaming from being stationed in one place or you are on the move, Internet connectivity on the go or in places where signal availability is a challenge, portable Internet connection when ZifiLink is powered using a battery, Internet connectivity inside a moving vehicle, backup Internet connection and many more. This opens up a world of opportunities and ZifiLink will be your partner in solving challenges for business continuity.

Above Video will provide you the idea how  ZifiLink will provide best internet connection for your video streaming or for your office with more than one dongle for good network connection.

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