how does internet work - zifilinkThe world runs on fast internet connectivity. Business success requires high-speed internet at all times. While general internet connections can work in some cases, there are several circumstances when a more robust network is required. Some companies opt for different internet connections. This is good from the point of view of failover but this strategy does nothing to speed up the internet connectivity. This is where internet bonding comes in. A bonding router can be used to aggregate 3G and 4G networks from multiple dongles to create a single internet connection that is stronger and more sustainable. As compared to a traditional internet connection, bonding networks are more effective in providing fast internet.

Now the question arises, how does internet bonding work? An internet bonding router basically splits web traffic into multiple internet networks. The base of this strategy is on combining multiple internet connections. There are several ways in which can be done including:

  • Internet bonding router
  • Third-party software
  • Load balancing router
  • Local proxy

In this blog, we will talk about an internet bonding router. Bonding devices use connections like WiFi, ethernet connections, DSL connections, satellite internet connections and more to provide fast internet. Such connections are combined then used for tasks like downloading, streaming, uploading and more. Bonding multiple connections into a single unit can be complicated but the results are unsurpassable. Bonding is a great option for businesses, enterprises, MNCs and startups. With a guarantee of stable and sustainable internet 24/7, companies can remain worry-free while hosting large events, video-conferences and other activities.

These devices, once installed, require zero configuration. The internet bonding router gets activated and automatically detects network connections in the immediate vicinity. The connections detected can be 3G or 4G, which are then combined to create a single robust internet connection. In internet bonding, the data being transmitted is segmented into packets. These packets are then sent to the different channels using a single IP. The advantage of using only one IP is that even if certain connections go down, you will continue receiving a stable internet connection.

One of the primary reasons why internet bonding provides a reliable internet connection is that multiple lines and ISPs take the load off a single network. As a result, even if one network goes down, the other networks continue to work in a smooth manner. For an internet bonding router to work, you need to first connect your computer and IP based hardware to any of the routers in your LAN. The next step would be to activate your bonding device. Depending upon the type of router, you will either need to connect dongles or aggregation servers will bond connections. Post this, you can start streaming, downloading, uploading etc with high-speed, sustainable and reliable internet connectivity.

Fast internet is a necessity to ensure business functions are continuing effectively. Companies are increasingly opting for internet bonding as this technology is the easiest and most reliable way of obtaining high-speed internet connectivity.

Zifilink’s internet bonding router aggregates 3G and 4G networks from eight dongles to provide an internet connection with an 8x reliability factor. This device is easy to set up and requires zero configuration. In addition, the portability of this router ensures that you can easily carry it for outdoor events and remain worry-free about bad weather hampering your internet connection. Get in touch with us to know more.