Link Aggregation is the coolest addition to the list of high speed internet providers. It is an interesting method where you combine multiple links to form a single larger link (network). This can be either two links connecting from two different ports to another switch, or multiple links connecting from multiple ports providing high speed internet. Similarly, two or more links connecting from two or more other ports from a server could also connect to another set of two or more switch ports all together forming a larger link.


The main motto behind doing this is to attain higher capacity from each group of aggregated links.

The purpose behind adding multiple links from one switch to another using Link Aggregation is to prevent excessive traffic and damage to link. Even in case of overload in one link, the connection would continue to flow through the other link. Hence, this provides cable level redundancy for all the interconnections patched through Link Aggregation protocol.

Link Aggregation Switch also does the load balancing amongst the various links in the Link Aggregation Group. The traffic here is split evenly among the various links which ensures its efficient and effective use.

Benefits of Link Aggregation

It increases the bandwidth – Link Aggregation Switch combines the multiple links into one logical link.

Automatic failover and failback – Traffic from any failed link is automatically shifted over to other working links in the aggregation network, this provides higher availability.

It improves administration – All links that are underlying is to be administered as a single unit.

There is less drain on the network address pool – The whole aggregation process can be assigned as one IP address.

ZifiLink, our flagship product will improvise your network with link aggregation. It allows users to combine up to 8 Cellular networks (2G, 3G and 4G) from any vendor/Internet Service Provider. ZifiLink aggregates bandwidth of all the cellular networks to give one reliable high speed internet connection.