Frequently Asked Questions

When I buy ZifiLink, what accessories do I get with it?

ZifiLink 3x or 8x is very similar to a router and it comes with a power adapter so that getting up and running it is as easy as power on, plug in dongles, connect via LAN or WiFi. That is it, a fast Internet connection is immediately available to you.

We have options to buy an optional battery in case you wish to take ZifiLink to places where power connection may be a problem.

We have also facilitated procurement of optional video encoders to some of our customers.

How does ZifiLink work?

ZifiLink is an internet bonding device which intercepts all packets, splits and routes them in available connections based on a patent-pending ZifiLink’s-intelligent algorithm. The packet chunks are assembled at our remote packet assembler service and routed to the destination, which ensures reliable data transmission.

Generally, dongles need to be dialed before they are used (using a software from the provider), but ZifiLink automatically detects and dials the dongle. This is the Zero configuration feature which is really amazing. Takes away all the burden away from you.

Will it work in places where just 2G or GPRS is available?

Yes, ZifiLink can connect with any mobile network to provide you seamless and reliable high speed Internet connection.

What types of Internet connections can be used with ZifiLink?

Speedlink can handle 2.5G/3G/4G Internet dongles of any operator and WiFi.

Do I need to plug in dongles from different providers? Or, can I use dongles from a couple of providers?

Our recommendation is to have dongles from at least 2 different providers. That will help in distributing data across the providers and also be assured of automatic failovers. It will also help in getting better connectivity in case a provider’s bandwidth (from the nearest base station to which your dongles connect to) is being consumed by others around you.

What if I want to add or remove links/ dongles/ data cards?

ZifiLink is a portable internet bonding router provides scalable solution which means it gives you continuous access to the Internet if you add or remove any network connections. In the case of adding new network it automatically syncs up with the network and gives you a high speed connection and if you remove any network line ZifiLink will provide the appropriate available bandwidth.

Will I need to reconfigure every device on my network?

ZifiLink is just a router, it broadcasts an SSID and any system that wants to connect to it will need to associate with it by providing the configured password. LAN works just by connecting the cable to the device.

Is my data secure? Where are your data centers?

Yes, your data is secure. For Indian customers, data centers are located in India. Also, we do not inspect the data packets sent via our cloud servers.

Why should I pay the subscription fee?

ZifiLink works by splitting the data into as many connections (equal to the number of dongles/ data cards) and sending each portion through one interface. Now all the portions of data have to reassemble to create the original data stream. This is done by our remote packet assembling cloud server. Running this server involves cost and that is why we charge the recurring subscription fee.

What is ZifiLink Internet bonding device?

ZifiLink is a glorified multicellular internet bonding router which aggregates up to 8 cellular networks(2G,3G,4G) and provides high speed internet connection. It’s lightweight, portable and easy to carry anywhere.

 Why do I need ZifiLink?

Many cities and rural places in India have poor Internet infrastructure or many organizations (SOHO, SME, Enterprises, Media/Video ) require high speed Internet in such places. The available Internet infrastructure like 2.5G network is too slow for video, voice and data upload/ download. In many such locations, Internet connection itself may be unavailable due to feasibility issues.

ZifiLink smartly leverages the slow speed Internet connections from multiple vendors to build a high speed Internet connection for you. ZifiLink is a multi cellular internet bonding router which minimizes packet loss and gives you the best quality of voice, video and data.

When a connection fails, how much downtime will I have?

Great question! ZifiLink 3x or 8x will take immediate action in case a connection or a link fails. Link failures are taken care by automatically retransmitting any data that was sent on a failed link, on any of the available links. Link failures are taken care on both uplink and downlink scenarios.

In effect, downtime will be pretty small or there should be no downtime at all.

One thing to note is that at least 2 links/ dongles need to be present to take advantage of this feature. Although obvious it might get missed out at times.

How do I know the status of each dongle? Is there an interface that will help me find out?

Absolutely! After connecting with ZifiLink’s WiFi hotspot or via LAN, you can start the admin interface which is a simple and intuitive user interface that shows the connected dongles with current upload/download speed and upload/download data usage. User interface allows the user to control the Zifilink like shutdown, restart and firmware update.

Look for the ZifiLink dashboard URL printed on the box – if you are connected via LAN, or if you are connected via WiFi.

What happens if I lose a connection on one of my lines? Does ZifiLink stop working?

Watchy ZifiLink is a broadband bonding device and it can provide continuous network if one or two network lines get disconnected. Only the performance of Internet speed will get affected as bandwidth aggregation done only with the rest of the cellular networks. This application is advantageous for VOIP and web streaming as packet loss will not happen in this scenario and you will get a continuous internet connection.

Are ZifiLink routers portable?

Yes, ZifiLink is a zero configuration, portable bandwidth aggregation device which you can carry anywhere. It has an optional recommended battery using which you can take it anywhere you wish to.

Can I add more dongles after the initial setup?

ZifiLink is a scalable and easy to handle multi cellular router so you can add more lines, even after the initial setup is done.

What is the cost structure to buy a ZifiLink device?

Fixed cost is the cost for the ZifiLink device and recurring cost is for the cloud server subscription. ZifiLink device and the cloud server work together to aggregate uplink and downlink data.

Is it possible to connect an AP (Access Point) with ZifiLink?

No, ZifiLink cannot be connected with other AP devices to extend the range. However, ZifiLink can be connected to a router and that router can be used to connect to the AP devices.

How many dongles/ data cards/ connections can I bond together?

We have 2 versions of ZifiLink:

  • 3x  gives bandwidth aggregation up to 3 different networks and
  • 8X which supports bonding up to 8 different networks.
What use cases does ZifiLink solve?

Wherever the Internet connectivity is poor, ZifiLink rescues you by combining the bandwidth available on the poor internet connection and provides one good internet connection.

  • Live web streaming, video surveillance and Internet connection in areas where signal availability is a challenge
  • It is portable Internet connection, so you take it wherever you need it or take it along in a vehicle
  • Backup Internet connection is just some of the areas where customers can get the direct benefit of off ZifiLink.
Once I place an order, how quickly can I be up and running?

Typically, you should be able to get the “ZifiLink bandwidth aggregation device” in 2-3 business days. The moment it arrives, all you need is to power it up, plug in the dongles, connect via LAN or WiFi and you can immediately get your things done. We have seen customers who have put it to use the day they get it. No wait time to start reaping the benefits!

How do I know that I got connected to the Internet?

To check the connection status, connect Laptop/Desktop or IPad/Tablet over ZifiLink’s WiFi HotSpot or via LAN and open any browser and go to your favorite website.

Alternatively, open the ZifiLink dashboard and look at the colors of the dongles. Green indicates that it is connected, Yellow indicates that it is in the process of getting connected. Red indicates a failure. Gray indicates either an empty slot or some error with the dongle or data card.

Does ZifiLink support aggregating my broadband, VSAT, VPN connections along with the dongles?

The current version of ZifiLink supports 2.5G/3G/4G/LTE, broadband and LAN connections. Later versions will add support for VPN and VSAT connections.

How does the failover work? If I lose a link/ dongle/ data card connection will I lose my connection to the internet?

The technology in ZifiLink takes care of automatic failover which means that if a link fails, the failed link is detected automatically and any outstanding data is immediately retransmitted on the other available links. After this, the failed link is taken out of the available data communication paths. Also, if a failed link comes online, it is automatically added back to the available set of communication paths

In case I need support, what should I do? What kinds of support are available?

You can contact us anytime! ZifiLink technical team will be happy to assist you anytime. We are available over the phone, skype, email or else in some major technical issue we personally visit customer premises to resolve the issue.

This information is available from the ZifiLink dashboard and it doesn’t need you to remember this at all.

 Does VoIP work over Bonded Internet?

Yes, through ZifiLink internet bonding device you can transfer VOIP over the network. VOIP, when used over TCP, will take full advantage of aggregation. VOIP over UDP will be unable to take advantage of the aggregation.

On Zifilink, how to enable a Modem/Dongle/Data card that is accessed via it’s Web Interface ( or or something similar)?
  • Few of our customers asked us this question – I have a USB Modem/Dongle/Data card which connects to a laptop/desktop via or but, it doesn’t work when connected to the zifilink. Can you help me out?
  • We did help them and it was to set the Modem/Dongle/Data card in the ‘Auto connect’ mode.

Here are the steps, which is a one-time configuration:

  • Step 1: connect the dongle to your laptop, in few seconds you’re able to see the browser with dongle’s Web Interface.
  • Step 2: When you look into the home page the connect button will be in grey which says click to connect. So, here you make this dongle to auto connect mode follow Step-3[If any dialogue box with username and password, check with username: admin and password: admin OR in please enter the username and password if they had been configured/changed earlier]. If the connect button shows green or active then jump to Step 4
  • Step 3: Go to the settings and click on mobile network setting. You will be seeing a button with “Turn on”.  Click on the “Turn on” button it automatically save the state. You can check this by unplugging and plugging the dongle.
  • Step 4: Now try to use and test the bandwidth, to confirm the network.