We live and strive in an untethered environment, and every small business is no different. When you build your network initially, you may not have required wireless devices such as single band, dual band routers or the tri band routers. But when you expand your firm and grow eventually, you might have to consider switching to the wireless network, most preferably the dual band routers. Moreover, wireless offers a lot of advantages for better Internet Bonding, you can allow your employees to work from anywhere, you could connect friends and play a game and also you can provide internet access to visiting guests.

Know your dual-band routers

The dual-band routers support 5 GHz frequency band that functions on the newer 802.11ac standard. Theoretically, it’s the best! It means that dual-band routers support aggregate speeds of about 2,167 Mbps or even more.

For the households, 5 GHz speed of connectivity is what makes it the best. For instance imagine that 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands are the freeways, and each of the Wi-Fi networks in your router’s locality is semi-trucks. In this case, having been around for decades, there will be a whole lot of 2.4 GHz semi-trucks out there, and this will trigger the speed-clogging traffic jams on the freeways. However, the 5 GHz freeway here is fairly open as it is still new, labeling it as faster and more stable connection. This can be more crucial if you live in and around a highly-populated environment or a huge apartment building.

Lately, some dual-band routers power off some great perks that are hard to find on the older models. For example, most of it supports MU-MIMO technology that leads to better Wi-Fi interacts when in the case of multiple devices. But routers without the MU-MIMO can only pay attention to a single device at a time though it can still stay connected to multiple devices. But imagine your router is bothering you so much while sending video clips to your smart TV, or engaging your gaming console, and then all of a sudden your laptop in turn as the platter spins…it is complete chaos!

But in contrast, these multiple users with multiple input and output maintains a constant connection with multiple devices simultaneously. There is no breakage even when you’re streaming a video on YouTube and your sibling is playing an online game, the internet connection runs smoothly.

The merits of having a Dual Band Router

  • Let’s not be out of fashion, the current market standard says it all, the dual-band routers are the talk of the town. It is anticipated that it will surpass their single-band cousins in cost as the dual band routers come at a very entry-level price
  • By tweaking the routers with modern hardware technology, dual-band routers provide more range and stability compared to the singe-band routers
  • The dual-band routers are compatible with recent 5 GHz-friendly devices like the iPhone, Google Pixel, and even the PlayStation
  • When in questioned about the bandwidth, the dual band routers produce twice as much as the single-band routers or even more

Well, with speed and reliability being the prime concern, you could any day turn to Zifilink, or maybe even today!