Even before you wish ‘Merry Christmas’ to the guests arriving at your place to celebrate they will request for the Wi-Fi password. Not leaving you with many choices, are they? After sharing the precious password with one and all, the scheduled important video call with your client will turn into a nightmare. It can be clearly understood that multiple users and various other reasons and situations could cause a painstakingly slow connection.


You need speedy González (high-speed internet connection) in the bandwidth attainable to cover the entire house. The era of using 256 Kbps to its full throttle and still feeling enticed have disappeared like the Atlantis. To feed the room full of hungry and savvy monsters one needs a high-speed cable connection, capable of generating 100 Mbps. Anything less than that and you will be dragged back to the age of industrialization. The lower the DSL capacity the minimum user the internet connection can accommodate, due to such reasons office building opts for high-bandwidth connection to shelter the entire mass without significant slowdown.

Wired or wireless

The type of connection, wired or wireless can also determine the speed of the connection. A wireless connection may experience slowdowns when multiple users are utilizing the same bandwidth through wireless routers, as the single wireless network is divided to share the maximum bandwidth among all the connections the speed is distributed, hence the massive slowdown. A wired connection on a given day hardly faces any kind of slowdowns, and it is the best way to acquire the maximum out of the bandwidth.

Variation of usage

If you are just browsing sites, then the internet speed will hardly matter but in case of heavy downloads or browsing in heavy traffic, websites can reduce the net speed. Using email or simple Google search doesn’t consume a high portion of the bandwidth, whereas watching a video or playing a live stream of a football match will surely demand higher bandwidth for smooth sailing. If everyone is watching videos or downloading at the same time in the house then brace yourself for buffering.

Lack of upload speed

Overlooking the upload speed is common among internet user, whenever you click on the link of a website a request is sent to the server of the website that responds back to the inquired page. To save bucks some internet service providers give high download speed but cut short the upload speed.

ZifiLink’s system aggregates 3G or 4G links from eight dongles across networks to create a combined capacity that increases the reliability by a factor of eight. So next time you have multiple users, don’t worry about reduced internet speed contact us at email: contact@zifilink.com  or call on +91 959-011-4040.

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