Digital India connecting rural india with high speed internet

Digitization of India

On July 1, 2015, the country’s prime minister launched the Digital India program. The Governments ambitious “Digital India’ aims on digitally connecting the metropolitan cities with the now- metropolitan cities and change India into a connected knowledge economy. By the year 2019, this plan envisages that almost 2, 50,000 cities will enjoy broadband connectivity and universal phone connectivity. The program works at three levels

1. Digital infrastructure construction
2. Through the delivery of digital services to people
3. Digital literacy

The main aim of this program is to help the people belonging to the non-metropolitan cities.

1. To create new jobs:

The Digital India campaign is a very smart step taken by the Government that will not just boost the commercial aspects but also the social aspects. The major intention behind this campaign is that the talented young people who stuck in the non-metro cities can get a helping hand to bring their stuff to the neighborhood metropolitan city. With this, the farmers and traders will get to know the true market price and increase their growth. In addition to all of this, new employment opportunities are going to increase in near future.

2. Digital India contributes to women’s empowerment:

The major aim of the Digital India campaign was to empower people. To help them distinguish between the wrong and the correct, and fight against the wrong. Under the campaign, a major development in the rural area will be on Women empowerment. This campaign will help to empower women, it will help them know this worth, seek for better education, and fight against unwanted early marriages. But the question now comes how? This all possible cause they can receive early education and stand on their own legs and be independent.

3. Make people aware and solve their problems:

Digital India campaign will help to increase not only the financial but also the social status of the people belonging to none- metropolitan cities. We are already aware of the fact that, in many parts of our country under superstitions, there is a major difference in the states. Now because of digitization, the facts will be corrected and people can easily know about their problems and find a solution accordingly.

4. In India skills will boost:

The two programs initiated by the Government of India have introduced two programs – Skill India and Make in India. Both of these are very optimistic projects and have strengthened the Digital India campaign. In collaboration of both of these, the Digital India campaign is supposed to be strengthened.

5. Improving the health of rural India:

There is a drastic decline in the health of women, malnutrition and in the recent years, India has experienced highest maternal mortality rate. Digitization will help to fight against these problems to a certain extent. Under the project names “Aarogy Sakhi” a mobile app has been launched. This app helps in providing information related to the betterment of women’s health. This app will help the health center to know the health condition of all the families. The main use of this app is for taking care of pregnant women and mothers after the delivery. By the use of video calling this project is being implemented at higher and better level.

6. To bring a revolution in the field of education:

By using technology, the teachers can share their ideas and resources only. Today the lessons taken at Salman Khan Academy can easily accessed by the students in India. The teachers are now able to share their notes, videos, blogs, question papers, e-books, etc. with the help of digitization. This will result in improvement of students who are not able to go to school on a daily basis. One of the results of digitization is ‘smart classes. Now nearly all the reputed schools have smart classes installed in their schools, to make learning simpler in an interactive way.

7. Providing a new edge to journalism:

Now not just the metro cities but also the non-metro cities that can access better information faster than ever. The people belonging to the non-metro cities can now voice their voice without much of a struggle. By digitization, ‘citizen journalism’ will also be going to promoted. People now can talk about problems out to the world. Problems which the world is yet to come across. Don’t you think all of this will lead to an amazing growth of our country?

8. Broadband penetrations:

Under Digital India campaign, the Government aims to install many Telecom towers, in order to make high-speed internet connection accessible. This can only happen when two conditions are going to meet. First, the Telecom infrastructure facilities should available to a critical mass of consumers. Second, a huge range of applicants and content relevant for the non-metro cities must be accessible to mobile phones and the Telecom operators will have to offer service packages at an affordable price.

9. Building up Digital ‘Town Squares’:

The metro cities have open public places which become a focal point for recreational and social activity. In a similar manner, the site of Telecom tower can become a focal point- like a Digital “Town Square” in order to provide services to the village. This would lead to a 24×7 supply of energy at site premises which can offer additional services such as mobile charging and recharging points. The additional towers will offer an entrepreneurial opportunity to set up cyber cafes and other small business that require internet connectivity. Towers of the near area are going to be used to develop mini ATMs which enables easy transaction anywhere in India.

10. Connecting the metro cities and on – metro cities:

With the spread of digitization, the two ends can meet easily. As these days people are familiar with the usage of internet, they are able to sell their products online. The antique workers, potters, etc. can get a huge economic boost by this. Usually, the people belonging to the metro cities buy all of these at a very low rate and sell it at triple to 5 times the rate they bought. Under Digital India program, people will be aware of the value of their products and hence will give them a huge economic boost.