2017 has boosted the Digital India movement most productively in the last 21 years of Internet’s existence. Demonetisation has been a key factor for internet promotion this year. Due to the cashless practice advocated by the government, digital currency has become the panacea for every monetary malady.

Although, mobile phone revolution has been a catalyst for the rise in the internet usage.The major concern today is, how many Indians have access to fast and reliable internet?

The present number of internet subscriptions is only a third of India’s population. The actual figures may vary as many people in the urban areas have multiple and many use shared internet connections (WiFi). Approximately 960 million of our population is without access to the internet and the rural picture is even bleaker.

An upgraded network will add capacity to feed our consumer’s unquenchable thirst for data as due to the lagging internet speed many users have to rein in their data uses. The bottom line is the typical mobile data experience has to be improved dramatically in a relatively short period of time to enhance user experience for basic necessities.

Internet is important in our day-to-day life and a hot and reliable Internet connection that serves the purpose regardless of the geography you are in needs appropriate support.

Zifilink, our flagship product could be your best option! It will improvise your network with link aggregation and allow users to combine up to 8 Cellular networks (2G, 3G and 4G) from any vendor/Internet Service Provider. Zifilink aggregates bandwidth of all the cellular networks to give one reliable high speed internet connection.