Iqbal Qadir once said, “Connectivity is productivity, whether it’s in a modern office or an underdeveloped village”.

Imagine, how life would be if there was no internet? That’s definitely a scary scenario…we may probably feel we are living in the stone-age. Why is a stable internet connection important? The answer being, there are a lot of problems we come across with bad internet connectivity, such as obstacles faced by businessmen while trading, media would have taken a hit due to communication barriers, telecom industry would face severe disruption if their network jeopardizes. If industries fall prey to lack of order then complete chaos would reign.

Market pioneers like Doordarshan, HPCL, Network 18 and many more rely on the internet to keep us up to date. These much-spoken brands rely greatly on connections which could be on the constant move. And it is important that they shouldn’t wobble due to different geographical conditions, and this requirement calls for a strong connection that never goes offline! Though there could be many problems such as network breakdown due to disruption in the power supply, natural calamities or maybe due to technical dysfunctions. And these esteemed organizations are not willing to risk their businesses.

There is a greater necessity for uninterrupted internet facility be it at a suburban level or in the underdeveloped rural location, the internet is a MUST!

Zifilink is the network that never lets you go offline, a brand that solves the internet connectivity crisis!

Zifilink is the only reliable internet aggregator that can connect up to 8 dongles of any 3G or 4G network. Zifilink was built for the mobility requirements for our clients. It possesses the best sustainable network that will not disappoint you no matter how drastic the conditions are. Say during a stormy day even if you lose one signal, the combination of the other connections will still give the user a sustainable Internet connection. With an unparalleled support and zero configurations issues, Zifilink is completely cost effective.

Doordarshan, ABP News, and many such brands have opted for Zifilink, it’s time to power your internet.

Go Zifilink & Never Go Offline!