We live in the world of cyber world and cyberspace where even the language has become numeric (0’s and 1’s), commencing of technology have changed the outlook of the world and understanding of the living realm. We are distant from each other but connected to a network and thus fathoms enhanced network connectivity options. Business, Education, Security, Socializing and even Crimes have gone online and the internet has become the weapon of choice. But since business is the backbone of development we will focus on why huge companies feel the necessity for stable WAN connection. The simple funda for wanting an extraordinary connection in the office or shop or commercial outlets is to ensure business continuity without disruption or hassle. Along with strong connection one also need increase bandwidth for an un-interrupted “uptime”. We can rely on the Multi-Wan connection used as multi-WAN load balance acting as the knight in shining armor.

Before we understand what is “load balancing”, we must first associate ourselves with the understanding of Multi-WAN, as it will clear our understanding of the entire topic of multi-WAN load balance. Multi-WAN is the effective way to cut cost along with enabling you to connect multiple ISP (Internet Service Provider) connections to aggregate reliability and bandwidth. Basically multiple WAN (wireless area network) gives you the versatility to use multiple devices without distributing the network speed. Now let’s talk about loading balance, loading balance is the process of distributing data so that link loading capacity across a computer network can be attained at maximum network efficiency. Loading balance functionality in between different connection is what multi-WAN load balance stands for, which can be done by both the hardware as well as software. Loading balance provides reliability for multiple devices; with loading balance, one can avert a deluge of work from clogging.

With multi-WAN load balance, one can easily enable response time and optimal resource utilization; it works as the ultimate managing solution when paired with the correct device. It helps effectively in making application quite scalable. Due to increase in available bandwidth the network connection experiences stable external connection, secure internet connectivity and dependable quality of transmission.

There are numerous methods to perform load balancing but Robin DNS method doesn’t require any external hardware or software support. With new inventions coming up every day, technologies are becoming much more user-friendly thus allowing the user to take control over the method of load balancing. It has become much easier to work on redundant communication links just because of load balancing as in a profession setup with the help of multi-WAN load balance internet connection will still be distributed evenly in case of connection failure. Network outages can severely disrupt the productivity of any business or can cause a total shutdown, which each company tries to avoid with all their might just to keep bad connection day at bay.

High availability WAN requires high-end technology and with Zifilink’s multi-WAN load balance a robust WAN infrastructure is the key to success and power in your fist.