The Real online gamers know and understand the pain of a disconnected game play during a crucial war scene or a bonus ride! It could be catastrophic for their gaming scores, therefore, it is important to understand the necessity of fast Internet.

  • It is advised to use the best internet speed provider (ISP) with the appropriate latency and advertised download speed avoiding unwanted glitches, lags


  • Life is much simpler with swift downloads and if your games are being downloaded then you are looking at 50 GB files. A not so great ISP would make you wait an eternity to download even small games.


  • The Gaming experience can be seriously affected due to constant buffering or lagging also as most connections don’t live up to their advertised speed numbers.


  • Online game scores can be damaged if a game is disconnected from an ongoing live streaming game play (Yup, counter strike!). This definitely is a frustrating situation.


  • Also imagine you have to start the game from the scratch just because the bandwidth was too low and your game froze. I know, I would just break my gaming console in that case!

What is perfect Internet Speed for Gaming?

Out of all the available Internet service providers and their plans, how do you pick your best? Let’s discuss the thumb rule; you will first have to understand that dial-up Internet connections are definitely not good for gaming. However, some dial up connections are comparatively fast, but still they are not ready to accommodate online gaming. But, it is not really fair to compare fibernet connections to other types of internet services like cable, DSL or satellite for gaming purposes.

Most of the times, it depends on the type of game you play. The best type of Internet for online gaming is definitely the one which produces 90% to 100% of their advertised speed.

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