Be it a small firm or a huge company; every business organization needs a high-speed internet connection. Most business events are a conference or seminar, or a workshop that needs faster internet. Technically speaking, an internet bonding device is a more reliable source than a single connection. 

Business events use a massive amount of data, and often poor internet connection causes hindrances in the activity flow. 

With the pandemic going on globally, many businesses are shifting to off-site as a backup option; hence the events are happening online.

Here are some reasons why internet bonding service is the most dependable option for a business event.

High productivity

A high-speed internet connection is equivalent to high productivity. 

Be it any kind of event, say a business meeting, or a conference with clients, internet downtime essentially means loss of great potential. Bonded internet connection, you will get combined multiple internet channels for a faster online experience.

Business affairs move fast, so a break in the internet connection can cause discrepancies to the whole meeting.  

Depending on the internet provider, some devices also allow visiting their coverage map to give an idea of the level of service they can provide for a particular area. 

Corporate events need security 

Whether it’s a casual meet & greet session or a discussion about a particular project, the corporate data needs to be secured. Cybersecurity should be taken very seriously as data often gets stolen or misused. 

Internet connection through an unsecured channel can be extremely threatening to your company. An internet bonding device is a much more secure option to use in these events. You can be sure about piracy issues. Some businesses take cyber security very seriously and use VPNs.

The recent remote work environment

Due to the pandemic, many businesses have migrated to a more flexible and remote working environment. And thus, business events are mostly being conducted online. 

A faster internet connection is now a necessity more than ever. Without a speedy internet connection, an online event with apps can slow down the workforce making your organization look clumsy & inefficient. A fast & secure connection provides a much better experience for your employees and customers. 

Why choose Ziflink?

Ziflink provides an internet bonding service that can be used to connect multiple dongles of the same ISP, which gives an internet speed up to 8X

With this one bonding device, you can have several channels. It is extremely portable so having a business meeting or a conference from an off-site location wouldn’t cause any trouble. It is a one-time investment for your company’s future with unparalleled support from multiple vendors. For more details, contact us